Did Your Job Teach You Anything?

What has the pandemic taught you about your job? What has sickness and massive unemployment taught you about the company that cuts your check? How has that lesson impacted your plans for the future?

I know a guy that was with a company for 34 years. Do you know what happened as soon as times got rough? They let him go. Let that sink in for a minute. A man that devoted 34 years of his life to a company was canned in a matter of weeks. No gold time piece. No million-dollar severance package.

Just a see ya and I wouldn’t want to be ya.

In better times, one of my other friends gushed over how much she loved working retail for a major retail company. There was nothing she loved more than earning a modest living amongst the fashion and fabric. It was her calling of sorts. I remember having several talks with her about the possibility of ownership and doing something on her own. No way. Not interested. Her excuse?

“I’m not a business person. I just want things to be easy.”

Do you want to know where she is now? At the unemployment line. The company she was with dumped her to minimize their costs. It didn’t matter that she was there for 15 years. “Take your 401K and go.” That was pretty much it.

I don’t fault anyone for loving what they do. Some people just aren’t built to be business owners – or so they think.

But think about this.

Pandemics will increase. They’re bound to. More people on earth means greater exposure to disease. Are you going to use this current emergency as an opportunity to get over that fear? Or will you allow yourself to be manipulated by that robotic way of thinking? Will you let go of your comfort zone and move towards financial independence? Because like or not, the pandemic forced you to that position anyway. Your government job isn’t safe. Your retail job isn’t safe. Your financial job isn’t safe. The pandemic chewed on all of those things.

Whether 15 or 50-years-old, you can no longer put your faith in your job. It might not be there. You have a duty to your family and yourself to seek independence. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a second option. Sure. Keep your job if you’re one of the few to actually have one. Keep it. But when you go home at night, don’t flop down on that sofa and watch tv. Plan for the future. How will you survive if it all comes crashing down again? Because the next pandemic is coming. And if you don’t use this time to make plans, you may not survive the next one.

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